Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book of Death (and scars)

These two dead beauties are what Dennis' brothers shot while in Oklahoma on their hunting trip. Dennis told me he might want to start a "Book of Death" on the blog, as my brother-in-law Brian calls it, so here you go. Unfortunately, this was all they got while on their 5 day hunting trip. He was disappointed but said they had a great time bonding in their manly ways. I asked him what guys talk about while they're in a car together for 50 hours, and he said, "Well, we don't talk about our wives, I'll tell you that."


Maybe a guy can enlighten me on something... What is it with guys and their hunting and scar stories? When I worked at scout camp as a teenager, I probably logged about 100 hours of listening to guys telling me about each and every scar they had ever gotten, starting from about age 3. It's like that with hunting too. Poor Dennis, the expression on my face as he tells me about the gorey details of his latest hunting trip, is probably the same expression he has on his face as I recap my night shift at the hospital, being on poop patrol for an old man all night.

I guess women do that too when they all get around and start talking about their birthing stories with their own children. They can remember the smallest, goriest details you never cared to know.

So I guess it's all a wash in the end.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oddly Satisfying

Here are some of my random thoughts of the day:

I had a bit of a wake up call today when I was picking a crusty booger out of my little Lauren's nose and found it oddly satisfying. It made me think of all the things that I do and have come to realize as a mom that I never in a million years would have expected.

Like the other day when I was walking up the stairs, saw a Cheerio on the carpet, and actually picked it up and ate it.

I've learned that Spaghettios really aren't as good as I remembered them being as a kid, they're just concentrated tomato soup with pasta.

Other people's kids seem so much brattier than my own, no matter how out of control mine are(fess up...everyone thinks that).

Little boys always smell a little funny, even after they've been bathed. Like a little wet puppy.

Sometimes things can get so crazy that I have to think really hard as to when the last time I showered was, let alone shaved my legs.

I've learned that my parents are more amazing than I ever thought. I think motherhood with three kids in Idaho is tough sometimes, try it with eight kids, moving all over the world every couple of years.

I don't own a cell phone nor have I ever sent a text message, making me feel completely out of touch with the upcoming generation. I've become one of those out of touch people that I used to laugh at as a teenager.

I used to be the perfect parent, until I had kids. There have been so many situations that have come up in disciplining my kids that leave me completely stumped as to what I should do.

Maintaining a personal identity when you have kids can be tricky sometimes.

Being a mom has brought out the best in me and the very worst. It is discouraging at times to come to the end of the day and to think of all the times throughout the day when I royally screwed up.

All this being said, I count motherhood as one of the two biggest blessings in my life (one of them being Dennis).

It's amazing how crazy you can be about these little people that drive you so crazy sometimes.

Tonight when we were reading scriptures, Luke was looking at a picture of Jesus with his head cocked and a sweet smile on his face. I expected him to say something profound when he looked at me with those big "ojotes" (as the Mexican ladies call them) and said, "Jesus has crazy hair." I wouldn't change those moments for anything.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy, busy

One of the things I've discovered about myself is that I take things on one at a time and soon find myself up to my eyeballs in projects and goals. Take now, for example. Dennis is going to Oklahoma to go pig hunting with his brothers tomorrow for five days (yes...I think it's funny too). When he comes back, we go to Jakarta for 12 days. I've been working on potty training Luke so that Dennis' parents won't have to change his stinky little butt while we're in Jakarta. We just had our quarterly Relief Society activity, commemorating the Relief Society's birthday, that I was in charge of (included dinner and entertainment). I've also been working on organizing a 5k/Fun Run event to raise money for those affected by the earthquake in Chile. Dennis and I are also putting together a team to compete in the Sawtooth Relay in June. Then throw in how obsessive-compulsive I am about my house being clean, and I am one busy little lady. Oh yeah...and I started a blog.

Potty training my little Luke has been quite the experience. I decided it was time when he came up to me with an Uncle Jesse look in his eye and said, "Hey mom, I have a surprise for you in my diaper." I asked him if he had pooped his pants and he said, "Ha, Ha, I pooped my pants!" and ran away. The only way we can get him to sit on the toilet is to put our portable DVD player in the bathroom and let him watch "Diego" while he piddles. My potty-training confidence is in the toilet (no pun intended) since I tried relentlessly with Camden with no success, only to have Dennis' mom succeed while we were in Mexico visiting Alex and Shelley. We'll see how it goes. Diapers for two is getting to be a little spendy.

My little Lauren has decided that crawling is over-rated and that walking sounds much better. At only 8 1/2 months she is no where near steady enough to walk but is bound and determined to bypass crawling and keep up with her brothers running. Her two front teeth have finally popped through which is a good thing considering that before only her canines had come through. She looked like a cute little baby vampire. I love her little pig tails. She reminds me of the little girl in "Emperors New Groove" and Boo from "Monster's Inc."

My life is pretty busy right now but I wouldn't change it for anything. I have the best husband a girl could ask for and he supports me in all of my crazy ideas.