Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pig tails

After wrestling Lauren every day to fix her hair, I've decided that the reason pig tails are called "pig tails" is because putting them on little girls is about as hard as it would be to put them on a little pig. The two cutest things about her are her big blue eyes and her wild, wild hair. As much as I love it, it has always been a challenge to tame. Here are some of my favorite hair pictures of my little princess.

As you can see, the longer it gets, the more challenging it has gotten. Thanks to my parents living in Indonesia, I think I found the solution to my hair troubles.


Cynthia said...

She really does have the best hair!

jonandrachel said...

Oh I just love her! What a beautiful (and sassy!) girl! Love you and love your family!

Becky said...

Lauren is absolutely beautiful! Love the burka!