Sunday, May 2, 2010

Symbols of Hope 5k/Fun Run

Last weekend we had our first Symbols of Hope 5k/Fun Run. The crazy thought came to me a few months ago when I read President's Monson's encouragement to do what we could for the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. I thought for a day or so about what I could do that would be meaningful and came up with the idea to put on this 5k/Fun Run. A few weeks into the planning process, the earthquake in Chile happened and I decided to shift my focus there since our country had already poured out so much financial support to the people in Haiti. I was afraid that because of the difficult economy and how generous people had already been, that the aid to Chile wouldn't be very much. What I thought was going to be a no-big-deal event turned into WAY more planning and time than I had orginally planned. It seemed like there was just one thing after another that kept coming up that I hadn't thought about. It's easily the most time-intensive thing I've ever done, including training for a marathon. I learned so much in the process and for that I am grateful. I have been so impressed and surprised by people's generosity and willingness to help a cause that involves people that live so far away from us. As terrible as things seem to be in the world, I do believe that there is much more good than there is bad. There really are some marvelous people out there.

The turn out was great with over 130 runners. One of my sponsors told me he had only heard of one race in the valley that had drawn over 100 runners it's first year so I was quite happy with our turn out. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the race that my brother Percy took. I was so appreciative of Percy, Cristina, Stanton, and Stanton's family's sacrifice to come the long way to support us. Stanton designed the logos and I think he did an awesome job. The weather was perfect, and despite a few mishaps, I think things went pretty well. These types of athletic events are something that I strongly believe in because I think it gets people excited and motivated about fitness. The feeling of excitement and comradery among the racers is my favorite part. It's addictive, I think.

I haven't decided for sure if I want to do something like this again next year, for whatever cause comes up between now and then, but I imagine I probably will. I've learned so much and hopefully things will run a little smoother and the preparation won't be as time-consuming because of many of the connections I've already made.

Thanks again to everyone that helped out!


Cher said...

woah, you're amazing. good work!

Cynthia said...

It was a lot of fun! Maybe next year I will be in shape enough to actually run the race!