Monday, June 14, 2010

Sawtooth Relay

This past weekend Dennis and I had a chance to do the Sawtooth Relay with some friends (Brian and Becky Preece and Travis and Stephanie Edwards). It's a 62 mile run, from Stanley to Ketchum, that is broken up into 12 legs, with each runner taking two legs. It was a blast. The scenery was unbelievable and I just wish that my camera could do more justice to the beauty of what we saw. It was fun to go from exchange to exchange waiting to cheer on our runners as they went by. I love the comradery among the racers. That's my favorite part about races. There were over 300 teams participating with some teams only consisting of one runner! Everyone was so friendly, and if you were lucky enough, as Brian and Stephanie were, you got mooned as they drove by!

I had vastly underestimated the difficulty of the course and found myself huffing, puffing and struggling much more than I thought I would. The altitude was a killer.

I was so proud of my sweet husband who would jump out of the car each couple of miles and walk or run along side the runner as he offered them water. We were all especially impressed with how he trucked up Galena summit, the most difficult leg of the whole race (pretty much straight uphill for 5 miles).

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Cher said...

wow! maybe some day i can run more than 2 miles. :) maybe.

Jeff and Kris said...

you are all amazing!!!