Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scout Camp

This past week I took the kids up to Goose Lake where Dennis was at scout camp with his scout troop. It was fun seeing my boys have such a great time with the scouts. I was amazed at how the older boys would sit alongside the stream with Camden and Luke and throw rocks into it for what seemed like hours. I realized again that teenage boys and adult men are really just overgrown little boys. I think scout camp is kind of like Neverland for them. It's a time when they can go without brushing their teeth for a week, never wash their hands, fart, burp, and drink all the Pepsi and Mountain Dew that they want to without having to hear about it from their mothers or wives. It's like a week of uncensored boyhood and I think men need to have that from time to time. In many ways boys never really grow up, which is a good thing, I think. Really. I think women would benefit from reverting back to their childhood at times the way men seem to so easily do.

I worked at Maple Dell, a scout camp in Utah, for 6 years, starting from the age of 15. My years at Maple Dell are where many of my fondest childhood memories come from. Having to leave that behind was one of the hardest things about growing up. I still miss it. One of the things I miss most about it is the way we would laugh about things- most of them being really stupid things. I remember laughing so hard that my face would hurt, the tears would stream down my face, and the next day my abdominal muscles were sore. Seeing our ward's scout troop takes me back to my Maple Dell years. I love the scouting program. I love seeing the progression from boyhood to manhood, much of which seems to happen at these scout camps. I'm constantly amazed by how good these kids are, especially in this troop. I wish at times that their mothers could see them in action. They would be so proud.

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