Monday, August 2, 2010


This summer has been one of the busiest summers we've ever had. It seems like every weekend we have a major outing. Looking at my July calendar, I had something going on every single day of the month. It was completely jammed packed. August is looking a little better but not much. I love that though. I love summers where I've been so busy doing fun things that I look forward to the slower pace of fall. That's what summer's all about. That has definitely been the case this year.

This weekend we went with the youth in our ward to Utah for their high adventure. I'm not quite sure how going to Lagoon and camping in someone's yard really makes for a "high adventure" but, oh well. We got to tag along and had fun so I won't complain. On Thursday we went to Lagoon with the boys for the first time. We left Lauren behind with my mother-in-law so we were able to go 100 mph all day until 10pm when the park closed. The boys had an absolute BLAST. We decided we want to try to make a yearly trip to Lagoon part of our family traditions. For kids their age, I liked it much better than Disneyland because of all the shade and the short lines. This weekend was definitely one of the best we've had this year.

On Friday, while the older kids toured Wellfare Square, I took the boys to hang out with my brother Percy in SLC. Percy is one of their favorite people and they always have a great time when he's around. He took us to a number of fun activities in SLC. I must say that my favorite part of the day was an impromptu pool party with some guys that live in his apartment complex. I was grateful with how patient and playful they were with my boys, both of whom were deliriously tired and cranky from the day before at Lagoon. As they shared their stories and feelings about their situations, I left feeling a great deal of love for those that fall outside the Utah Mormon mainstream as they do. This can be a difficult and lonely place to be, yet they held no animosity towards anyone and conveyed so much love and friendliness that it was impossible not to feel as though they are my brothers. I feel as though my experience with them gave me a new set of glasses with which to see people that we often want to label and pre-judge. Thanks for sharing your time with us Percy! The boys have discovered a newfound love for Credence Clearwater Revival during our drive down to Utah. This is them listening to it on Dennis's ipod in the guest bedroom that we stayed in at my uncle and aunt's home. They couldn't get enough of it.
Enjoying some time at the Layton pool.

Walking down a city creek in Salt Lake with uncle Percy.

Visiting the state capital building. When we walked in, Camden said, "Wow, this looks like a giant pearl!" I was surprised at how cool they thought the building was.
They thought Dippin' Dots were the coolest thing they had ever seen. The nice boy at the stand gave them twice the amount we paid for.

Riding the zoo train at Lagoon. Geez, looking at these pictures I just realized where Luke usually has his left hand. Good grief.


Cher said...

how fun. i can't wait to take Lucy to lagoon, but she is still kinda little. glad it worked out, you're giving me courage to try. maybe next summer.
by the way, i love that a dad is on the baby swings in the picture you posted. ha ha.

Becky said...

Your comment about Luke cracked me up! Little boys are so funny. Lagoon always is a fun time. Glad you had a good trip.