Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I'm surprised that I got a picture of Luke smiling at all tonight. For as many times as I've regretted doing so, I keep forgetting, DON'T BE IMPULSIVE WHEN CUTTING HAIR. I was cutting my Luke's hair tonight and I asked him, "Do you want short hair so I won't have to comb it anymore on Sundays?" His eyes widened and he said, "Yeah!" So without giving it a second thought, I took the clippers and buzzed right over the top of his hair. As soon as I did it, his eyes about popped out of his head and he let out a blood curdling scream. For as much as he fights me every time I try to comb it, I never thought my 3 year old was so attached to his hair. Camden, who had also just gotten his hair cut kept yelling at me, "Mom, stop!! You're hurting him!" But I was too far into it to stop so I had to keep going. The way Luke was screaming with every pass of the clippers you'd think I was tearing his limbs off one at a time. I was sure the neighbors were going to call the cops.

By the time I was finished he was hysterical. I bathed him and by now he was sobbing so hard he couldn't catch his breath or talk. I told him that maybe we should go downstairs to get some icecream and that it might help his hair grow back. I finally got him to calm down and handed him off to Dennis while I went to the gym. When I got back Dennis said that with every bite of his icecream he would rub his head and say, "Is it growing back yet?"

Dennis said he was reluctant to say his prayers and refused to fold his arms or pray until his hair grew back. After Dennis finally talked him into cooperating, Luke asked Heavenly Father to please help his hair grow back.

Oh my... I think after tonight all of us are a little traumatized. I was sure with his huge eyes it would look so cute but maybe not so much.

To try to even the score a bit for Luke's sake, here's a picture of me (that's me at the bottom of the picture-so awesome) with my first ever impulse decision at the hair salon when I was eight years old. That resulted in YEARS of merciless teasing from my brothers, even long after it grew out. As soon as I came home with my new perm, my brother said, "Hey, you look like a bush!" So the name "Bush" stuck until I was.... hmmm... about 25.


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It will be a race to see who's hair gets back to "normal" soonest...Luke or Wesley :o)

patty said...

i've had so much fun reading your blog and had to catch up on several posts. I wanted to comment on each of them! I love that picture of all of us. We ALL had some pretty wild hair do's. On another post I wanted to comment that I don't feel like the perfect pioneer mom either. I think the best thing we can do for our family is just be ourselves, it is what makes us unique and makes life no so boring.