Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have a good and happy life, usually filled with smiles and sunshine. But today I'm angry.

I'm angry that someone I love is hurting because someone he loves and trusts has betrayed and hurt him.

I'm frustrated that I am powerless to do anything other than sit back, with only a listening ear to offer, and watch the person I love continue to hurt so deeply.

I'm angry that anger is the forbidden emotion and that is supposed to be supressed and painted over with a smile.

I'm frustrated that expressing my anger to her will only hurt him and so it must be kept inside.

I'm angry that she feels she has the power to demoralize him at her whim and fancy.

I'm angry to see such a beautiful person be cut down to size.

The only thing bridling my anger and holding back the words I want to shout out is love. His love for her and my love for him.

Yes, this may blow over and it may pass. But I know he would have a word or two to say if it were me in his place.