Thursday, September 16, 2010

Push-ups and Dancing

Amazingly with all the fighting they do, they're still great friends.

This is a typical scene in our house, with who's pounding on who alternating.

There are so many things that my kids do that make me love being a mom.

Yesterday, Camden and Luke were at each other's throats and I was at my wits ends. I asked them what kind of punishment they would agree to if they continued fighting. After deliberating for a few minutes, they agreed that doing 10 push-ups every time they fought would be a reasonable punishment. I thought that was a good idea so after showing them the proper form in doing a push-up, they went back upstairs to play. Later that evening, from my room I could hear screaming and crying. I figured I'd give them a few minutes to see if they could work it out on their own. The screaming stopped and within a few seconds I could hear little grunts and two little voices counting in unison together, "1-2-3-4..." I walked in and saw the two of them face-down on the floor in their room doing push-ups. At the rate we're going, by this time next year they should have biceps the size of Arnold Schwarzennegar. I laughed and gave them hugs and told them I was proud of them for working it out on their own.

My little miss has also taken to dancing lately. This is a treat for me since neither of my boys have really taken to it. Her best moves are early in the morning just after she's woken up. She will come up to me grunting and pointing to the radio, saying, "Mom! Mom!" and bobbing her little knees, indicating that she wants me to turn on the radio. When I do, she becomes quite the little dancing queen and twirling around, clapping her hands, and working those chubby little thighs. I love it!

Interesting: Have you ever noticed how much babies love Beyonce's "Single Ladies" song? Not just Lauren either. If you go to Youtube, there are thousands of videos of babies jamming out to this song. Even as I'm blogging about it, Lauren's shaking her little hips to this song.


Cher said...

ha ha, that's cuz it has such a good strong beat. my kids LOVE that song, Sam bounces his kneeds really fast just like the babies on youtube.

Cher said...

knees, obviously. :)