Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean Miners

There are times when my heart is so filled with joy for the human experience. We are too often privy to Satan's dark world. I think it leaves our view of life and other people marred and cynical. But then there are times when our Heavenly Father opens a little window into His world and we are able to behold the glory, beauty, and thrill of His plan.

Last night I had one such experience. As many others throughout the world, I've been captivated by the story of the Chilean miners. Every time I saw a news story on it, I had to read it. I can't describe the intense thrill of happiness I felt as I saw the first one pulled from the mine and saw his young son, face wet with tears, run to embrace him. I thought to myself, "This is the Lord's hand, and I am privileged to be witnessing it on live TV."

The first time I saw the hand-written note returning up with the probe, telling the rescuers on the surface that all 33 miners were alive and well after 17 days of being presumed dead, I felt this story belonged to me as well as I recognized the familiar hand-writting, so typical of the Chilean people.
Then at approximately 1:25am this morning, my phone rang. It was a sweet lady that I used to work with at the hospital. When she heard my sleepy voice, she apologized for waking me up but then said she couldn't contain her excitement and had to call me. In Spanish, with her voice shaky and crying, she told me she had been watching the rescue on TV and had been thinking of me. She wanted me to know that she too had been praying for the miners and that the sight of seeing the children greet their parents after so many days of uncertainty and fear had left her so filled with joy that she had to share it with me. I thanked her and assured her that I was glad she called. She too had seen and felt what I had.

It's a complicated and wonderful thing to have split allegiances to the United States and to Chile. My mother is Chilean and my father from Idaho. We lived in Chile for 4 years growing up and we have returned many times since then to visit family. My feelings of patriotism are both for the American and Chilean flag. What a glorious way to highlight the beauty of the Chilean people.
My favorite picture that emerged after the earthquake in February

Here is a short slide-show I made for my parents earlier this year. It compares the Idaho and Chilean cultures, MY two cultures, side by side. What a swell of national pride!

Patria from Rita Merrick on Vimeo.

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Cher said...

i too have been watching all day. it's absolutely amazing that we could witness it live, and it was very emotional for me. what a miracle.