Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Latest update

Have I ever mentioned how amazing Dennis is? Well in case I haven't, here's the proof. He has been slaving away for the past couple of weeks working on retiling our entry way and kitchen. At one point, he had been awake and working on it for 37 hours straight. He works harder than anyone I've ever met. Last night he was pointing all the mistakes and flaws out to me and I had to stop him and say, "Dennis, stop! It's beautiful! Don't worry about it!" The flooring that had been put in when our house was built was cracking in some places and had a few chips where the kids had dropped things over the years. It was looking pretty rough and tough.

He also put in this gas fireplace (the logs for the inside and the front cover are on their way) while I was away for a girl's weekend with my mom and sisters in Park City. Our house is still in a bit of disaray (as you can see with the crowded furniture around the fireplace) while we're putting the finishing touches on everything but it's fun and exciting to see these new changes coming about. The living room is the coldest room in the house in the winter so I'm excited to have some warmth in there when the cold weather comes around!

He's amazing. Enough said.

In some other exciting news, Luke recently started preschool. He loves it. He is attending as a typical peer at a special preschool for children with a wide range of disabilities from mild to severe. A school bus even comes to pick him up at the front door! He is quite a social little bug. For the past few weeks since Camden started school, he has been wandering around the house like a little lost puppy without his best friend around to play with. I'm grateful for this opportunity to keep him busy!

Camden is attending a dual language school and is learning Spanish and English simultaneously. I love to hear him learning to speak Spanish. When he's doing his homework, it's fascinating to see his little mind switch from English to Spanish and then back again depending on what task he has to complete. It's surprising how much he understands. I've been to the school to volunteer and I'm amazed at how all of the English speaking children will jump up and follow the teacher's directions as she gives them in Spanish. It's remarkable how quickly they learn.

Last night he was feeling a little emotional, angry and quite teary. I asked him if he would ride his bike alongside me while I went for a jog. We were only gone for about 30 minutes but he talked nearly the whole way, only pausing when I would ask him questions about what he was saying. He talked about everything and anything. When we got home he was perfectly happy again and back to his sweet, affectionate self. My little Camden has such a special spirit. I love to see him growing into a young man. And it's happening so quickly.


Jeff and Kris said...

Looks Fantastic! Jeff thinks that Dennis is the man! I love the pictures of your boys they are so darn cute!!

patty said...

wow! fireplace looks great!