Monday, November 1, 2010


Camden thought the trick-or-treating bags that Kohls handed out that said "Keep Kids Safe on Halloween" was the coolest thing. He insisted on holding it up for the picture.

Dennis is such a good sport to go along with my cheesy costume ideas.

The pumpkins we decorated this year. They all came from our garden this year. We harvested about 16 pumpkins!
(Please note the beautiful countertops that my very talented husband put in.)

This year Halloween was so much fun. Luke told me that he wanted to be a skeleton, but that it couldn't be scary, only funny. Camden was a motocross racer and Lauren was a ladybug. Dennis and I dressed up as scarecrows.

The older the kids get, the more fun Halloween and other holidays become. They thought passing out the candy was the best part, even better than trick-or-treating! Aside from Luke's midnight puking from having eaten candy and other crap for 4 hours straight, it was uneventful and the calm kind of Halloween moms with little kids should enjoy before their kids grow up to be teenagers.

Yesterday, Camden came home from church saying he had learned about doing secret acts of service. He asked me what kind of service I would appreciate the most. I told him one of my least favorite jobs is unloading the dishwasher. Later that afternoon, Dennis and I were upstairs taking a nap in our room when we were awakened by some loud clanging in the kitchen. I came downstairs to find the dishwasher unloaded, with all of the dishes stacked neatly on the counter, and this little sign taped to the dishwasher. Ohh..... what a way to melt a momma's heart.


Ash said...

that is TOO cute! he's so sweet!

love your halloween costumes and pumpkins!

The "J" Team said...

Cute. I like the scarecrow idea.