Sunday, December 5, 2010

Recent fun

Here are a few random pictures from recent events.

Celebrating my 29th birthday with a few friends. Stephanie made an awesome chocolate silk pecan pie. We just sat around and talked and laughed. Exactly the kind of quiet evening I wanted to have for my birthday! It was one of those great birthdays were I received many phone calls, letters, and birthday wishes. I felt very loved that day!

Lauren showing off one morning in her pj's. She's such a ham. With her hair in her eyes all the time, she reminds me of one of those little dogs that has hair completely covering it's eyes (I don't know the name of the breed but I've always wondered how they aren't constantly running into walls). She has to walk around with her chin tilted back so she can see out from underneath the curtain of her hair so I decided to try to save a few bucks, borrowed a pair of hair-cutting scissors from Holli and trimmed her bangs myself. Ummm... yeah... Not such a good idea. In this picture the bangs have grown out a bit from when I first cut them, but when they were freshly cut, it was quite comical, actually. Every time I've taken scissors to my kids' hair the results haven't been good, to say the least. I really need to learn my lesson and leave her haircutting to the professionals before she gets old enough to care.

What the heck, it builds character.

We've had some crazy snow lately. Snow like this is really uncommon in southwestern Idaho, but we seemed to have been getting quite a bit the last few years. On this particular day school was cancelled so Dennis took the day off from work and spent most o f the day outside with the boys pulling them around on the sled, building a snow cave, and throwing snowballs at unsuspecting neighbors. It was the perfect day. It was a bummer when we woke up the next morning and had to get back to real life.
Lauren experiencing her first day out in the snow. She wasn't too sure about the sledding but thought it was fun to watch the boys go up and down the street. This is her watching them in open-mouthed awe as they went by.

Thankfully the way I've been feeling has been improving. I've had the energy to start exercising again and the insomnia at night seems to be getting better. I still have to nap every day but at least it's easier to make it through the day if I can just get that nap in. Luckily my two youngest still nap consistently and Camden is good about staying busy and quiet while I try to sleep. Thank goodness the first trimester of pregnancy doesn't last forever, otherwise I think this world would have a lot more one-child families.

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