Monday, January 3, 2011

Kid Funnies

Once again, my kids are napping and I should really be napping with them since I had an awful night's sleep last night but I really wanted to write down some of the recent funnies from my kids.

About a month ago, Camden came home from school saying that for school lunch that day, they had chicken and that his piece had the wish bone in it. He said he had made a wish with it and allowed some of his friends sitting near by to make wishes with it as well. About 3 weeks later, as he was taking off his coat, he reached inside his pocket and said, "Oh look! Here's that wishbone!" He held up the bone from a chicken thigh, beaming with pride. It was all nice and crusty with pocket lint and other unknowns covering it. Dennis and I just laughed until later on that day, we saw Lauren walking around, gnawing and drooling on the bone she had so conveniently found lying around. It disappeared real quick after that but I made sure to take a picture of his treasure before disposing of it.

Camden and Luke each got one of these plasma cars for Christmas. Dennis thought it was so funny that I was riding them just as much as the kids were. The kids thought it was much more fun for me to take them for a ride on it than to ride it themselves.

Grandpa Merrick came over on Friday and brought Lauren a brand-new Christmas dress. I was so excited to get her all dolled up in it on Sunday. She seemed pretty excited to be wearing it and kept admiring the lace and ruffles but as soon as I pulled out the camera to take a picture, she burst into tears and ran away. Oh geez, and so the drama begins.

I painted Lauren's fingernails and toenails for the first time today. She has spent most of the morning holding her hands out in front of her admiring them and pretending to paint her nails with anything even slightly resembling a bottle of nail polish.
Of course Luke didn't want to miss out on the fun so he brought me the nail polish and asked me to paint them like I had Lauren's.

Anyone who has little boys knows that their obsessions change from month to month. This month's obsession is Legos. He spends hours upon hours building all sorts of cars with nitrox, guns, knives and anything else he can think of. The hard part is that he doesn't like to disassemble them after he's done with them so they pile up, one by one, on his dresser. The other day, after I saw that there wasn't a square inch of dresser space visible, I told him he needed to clean them off and spent about an hour disassembling the cars with him. The collection is slowly building back up. Here's about half of the dresser's holding capacity.
My poor Luke has had pink eye and has been on antibiotic drops to clear it up. As with most kids, he hates it and screams bloody murder any time I put them in. Yesterday, I told him it was time for his morning eye drops. As I expected, he turned around and ran as fast as his chubby little legs could carry him into his room where he slammed the door behind him. A few seconds later he emerged wearing these orange vampire teeth he had gotten at Halloween. He looked at me with the meanest face he could muster and growled, "Are you still going to put those drops in, Mom?"


Percy said...

Oh so funny!!!

Mary and Matt Sumsion said...

Your kids are so dang cute!

About your comment on my coupons. I'm not sure if you guys have this up there or not, but there is a website here connected to the Daily Herald that is all about coupons. It has a list of every grocery store and what deals are going on that week. It makes doing coupons so much easier. I just make a list and go to the store. Do you guys have something like that?