Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I could write a book on this kid with just funny things that he says. Not a day goes by that he doesn't crack me up with some smart alec little comment that he makes. I just wish I could capture his little high-pitched voice in all of his little sassing because watching his twisting facial expressions with his humongous eyes and eyelashes are part of what makes what he says so comical. I wish I could say he gets his cheekiness from his Dad, but I'm afraid he's been watching me a little too closely over the course of his 3 short years and he's apparently a quick learner.

Today, as he was watching Dora on TV, he was listening to the map repeat over and over the way to Dora's castle. Finally I heard an exasperated growl from the living room, "Stop it! I know the way!" followed by a disgusted sigh.

When I'm doing something he doesn't like, like telling him to clean up his room, he'll say, "Mom, if you keep being mean like that, I'm going to call Santa and tell him to come and take the waffle maker away that he gave you for Christmas and give it to his reindeer!"

I always find it amusing when I make reference to his age. When I say he is three years old, he impatiently corrects me saying that he is 7. I think he chose this number because it's one year older than Camden. The funniest is when he'll tell this to a stranger and they look at him a little startled and confused, not daring to correct or question him just in case he really is the smallest 7-year old they've ever met. One time he non-chalantly told the babysitter when she asked how old he was, that he was 26. I'm glad he's come down a few years on his age since then.

When I'm putting him to bed and reading him a story, I will sometimes tickle him and ask him, "Tell me Luke, who's your favorite mom?" Without missing a beat, he says, "Lauren," "Camden," or "Dad." I'm convinced that most of what he says is an attempt to get a reaction from me or whoever else he's saying it to.

But then he can also say the sweetest things. For Valentine's Day, my card read as follows, "Dear Mom, I got to flush the toilet. It is Valentine's Day. I want to help put Lauren's stuff away. I am going to help you make your bed and dust. Thank you for cleaning up the garbage on the floor. I love you Mom. Thank you for playing with me. Love, Luke."

He also reminds me often to not be mean to the Holy Ghost and do things that will make him want to go away. What a great reminder. Last night he came in my room and saw a statuette of Jesus and said, "That's Jesus, Mom. He made us." He has the ability to internalize and understand things that probably went way over my head when I was his age.

Oh, how I love this kid.


The "J" Team said...

So cute. It's always amazing to me how they pick up on so much stuff. Things Jer and I will say to each other in passing, Michael will repeat back to us later in the week. Crazy!

Cher said...

aww, such a cutie! and so funny

Percy said...

Funny funny :)

Jane said...

Very pereptive young man!