Tuesday, February 22, 2011


To start our President's day weekend out, Dennis and I got babysitters for Luke and Lauren and took Camden to try down-hill skiing for his first time. We decided to go "a la mexicana" (as Jimmy calls it) and have me teach him how to ski. I've only been skiing a handful of times, and even though I had done alright, I wasn't too confident in my abilities to teach a six year old how to ski on his first time. I should have given Camden a little more credit though because he did great. Within a couple of hours, he insisted that he wanted to ride the chair lift and go down the beginner's hill by himself, without me holding on to his hand or the harness. I was pretty nervous for him as I imagined him plowing into every skiier in his path and sailing off the steep drop-offs. I kept yelling out instructions from behind, but he amazed me and got to the bottom of the hill without incident. He was so proud of himself, which was the best part of it all. It reminds me of something a very wise friend of mine said, "You build self-confience by doing hard things." The best part for me was watching the ear-to-ear smile on his face most of the evening and hearing him tell us how much of a blast he was having. We will definitely be investing in some ski equipment!

Well once again, my amazing husband has done it again. Ever since I got back from my ski trip to Tamarack, I've been telling him that I want to go cross-country skiing as a family. I wanted to bring the kids with us so Camden could try it out and to give them a day to play in the snow and enjoy the mountain air. So Dennis got to work and took our double jogger/bike trailer and built this ski attachment for it to ride on. They are pretty solid attachments and it worked great. I was surprised at how smoothly it pulled while Luke and Lauren sat in it. The most amazing thing was how quickly he was able to build it.

Lauren thought it was terrible that we would make her sit in a stinkin' trailer while there was so much fluffy snow all around to play in and screamed almost the entire time. I keep telling Dennis that when he goes coyote hunting, he shouldn't waste so much time and money buying and practicing on expensive coyote calls- he should just take Lauren with him. I'm sure her voice carries much farther and she's a much more authentic reproduction of the injured rabbit sound that they're trying to mimic.

On the way back to the truck I asked Dennis if I could pull the sled back while he hung back with Camden. I didn't realize how much of an incline we had been going down, but it was a great work out to pull it back.

When poor Luke had had enough of a screaming banshee in his ear, he decided to hop out and ride on the outside frame.

I was so proud of my Camden as he learned how to cross-country ski. He was getting frustrated at first but after getting a stern talking-to from me on attitude and effort, he bucked up and had a good time. Instead of moving his legs back and forth in a gliding motion, he decided that hunkering down with bent knees and pulling himself forward with just his poles was much easier. We couldn't talk him into standing up straighter and using his legs to help him along but I was surprised at how long he lasted doing this! Dennis and I agreed that we definitely didn't have the arm strength to do this for 2 hours straight, but Camden seemed to have developed his own little M.O. so we didn't interfere. He told us he definitely enjoys down-hill skiing more but I was proud of his positive attitude and lack of complaining.


Cher said...

that's pretty amazing, that he built that and that you are strong enough to pull it, being pregnant and all! good work everyone! :)

Rochelle and Zach said...

Sounds like an adventure! What kind of carrier/sled is that? We just bought a Chariot carrier this week with the ski attachment kit, and can't wait to use it snowshoeing!