Thursday, April 7, 2011


I love my kids' quirks. They have so many of them. Here are a few recent ones:

This morning I got a call from Camden's teacher at school telling me that yesterday he had a bit of a scuffle with another student. I told Camden that before he went to school, he needed to write an apology note to the boy. Camden agreed and wrote: "I am sorry for kicking you yesterday." And then continued on starting in on writing out a lecture for the other boy. I told him that an apology wasn't to say "sorry" followed by a lecture, but that apologizing was all that he was to put in the note. He was so frustrated that I had completely taken the wind out of his sails. He had so much more that he wanted to say! He had planned on giving the poor kid an earful.

Later on this morning Luke told me he wanted to talk to his dad at work. I called Dennis but had a couple of things to tell him before I handed the phone over to Luke. Apparently I was taking to long because Luke got within a couple inches of the phone and started singing as loudly and obnoxiously as he could so I couldn't hear Dennis and to subtly expedite the process of getting his mother off the phone.

For lunch today, Luke decided that cold cereal in milk is pretty good, but what's even better is cold cereal with tortilla chips in milk. He ate the whole bowl with a smug little grin, watching me and enjoying my grossed out reaction.

Most babies go through a phase of giving open-mouthed kisses and eventually grow out of it after they realize that the rest of the world generally gives closed-mouth kisses. Apparently Lauren quite enjoys the attention and squeals of protest she gets from her brothers when she gives them a drool bath for a kiss, so she has never transitioned over to the closed-mouth kissing. Yes, she's almost two. If this doesn't correct itself in the next little while, we might need to have a serious intervention chat with her before she starts kindergarten. But in the meantime, I think they're pretty funny and I love how she giggles in satisfaction after she gives them and watches us wipe our faces off.

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