Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Day Weekend

I try to take a picture with the kids every Mother's Day but as you can see from the kid's faces, they weren't really in the sentimental mood. I wanted them to smile pretty but then realized after a few failed attempts that I'd rather capture their real personalities than stiff smiles.

This weekend was a pretty great one. Dennis and I will have our 10 year anniversary later this month but with the baby coming and family reunion plans, we decided to celebrate early. The kids stayed at Dennis' parents house Friday and Saturday while we went to the temple and enjoyed some time alone. It was great to be able to run around town and do some shopping without having to buckle and unbuckle seat belts for all the kids each time we wanted to stop somewhere(along with all the other fun things that go along with dragging kids around town on errands). We ended mostly car shopping for a new truck for Dennis. In the end, he did buy one that if I might say so, is much manlier than our last one. Even though we had bought our last truck brand new off the lot, I always felt bad to have my farm boy hubby driving around in a pretty boy 2WD. As we were driving our new (old) truck home, I kept thinking that Dennis looked like he belonged in that 1990 beast of truck with a cattle guard, lift, and faded paint much more than our last truck with it's gleaming paint job and immaculate interior. He's pretty excited about his new purchase and I'm happy for him.

Even though he says he doesn't mind and he insists that he's happy with where we are in life, I've always felt bad seeing someone like him, who grew up so rurally living in a subdivision, working in a cubicle, driving a minivan, with only a couple pairs of Wranglers in his closet. I feel like anything we can do to move him back in the direction of his roots is a good thing. Just as I long to stay reconnected to my past, I know he does too. As much as we love where we live and feel so blessed for his great job and our friends, I guess you can say we both feel like fish out of water. But this is probably the best middle ground for someone like me and someone like him to come together.

On Mother's Day, Dennis made me a huge breakfast, which he knows is my favorite meal, and my sweet kids gave me sweet love notes and ate the treats that they were supposed to give to me as part of their Mother's Day gift. I guess the empty crumpled bags they gave me in their own way said, "It's the thought that counts." But I did get lots of extra hugs and kisses and unsolicited "I love you"'s which is far better than any candy that I'd have to work off at the gym anyway. Being a mom and a wife are the best things that have ever happened to me.

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Cher said...

yay! belly pics. you look really great. such a cute little bump in the front.
less than 4 weeks left!
glad you had a good mother's day!