Monday, May 16, 2011

Women's Conference

Today is shaping up to be one of those days. From the moment I woke up to rain pounding on the roof, I knew that all I wanted was to lay in bed and watch TV for the rest of the day. My poor kids would probably have been better off with that alternative than the cranky mom they had to deal with this morning. I just didn't have an ounce of energy even after a good night's sleep (mind you, a good night's sleep is only having to get up to pee 3 times instead of 5), my legs have turned into perma-cankles, and my hips ache with almost every movement. I generally enjoy being pregnant but the last few days have made me start counting down the days until our little junior arrives. When I dropped Camden off at school, I promised him that he would have his happy, fun mom back by the time he got home from school. The sweetheart just smiled and quietly gave me a kiss on the cheek. As often is the case, I really didn't deserve forgiveness so quickly.

But on a happier note, here are a couple of pictures from our adventure to Women's Conference. We went to Women's Conference but didn't really attend any of it due to the unbelievably long lines and then not being able to find a class that wasn't bursting at the seams in time to enjoy more than 15 minutes of it. At least I was in good company with my two good friends, Gretchen and Holli, and I was able to spend some time seeing my family. I must say, those girls can shop! I was huffing and puffing trying to keep up with them. I told my mom that I had just found the first people on the planet that could outshop her. She didn't believe me, but I assured her that it's true! If shopping is ever made an olympic sport, these two would definitely take the gold. I don't know what I'd do without good friends, especially these two. We had a great time and talked almost non-stop for the full three days we were gone. Sometimes a girl needs an extended gab session like that, especially when she's very pregnant and can't buy much of anything on her only shopping weekend of the year!

This was pretty much all we saw of Women's Conference. Lines, lines, and more lines.

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