Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day and, as I said with Mother's Day, it's one of the days of the year when I am the most emotional and nostalgic, thinking about my parents. I see so much of him in myself from my love of daily, early-morning oatmeal, to the way I lose my temper (sorry, Dad!). He was the one that ingrained in me some of my deepest loves from the gospel, to jogging, to people. My dad deeply loves people, more so than almost anyone else I know. He gave me some of the most treasured pieces of advice that I adhere to the closest. My dad continues to be a continual source of encouragment and solid advice for me as a mother and wife. It was because of him that I took the leap of faith to marry Dennis, and it was because of him that I put aside my traveling bug and embraced living in Idaho. My life is what it is, in large part because of the blessing of having Bill Hawkes as my father.

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