Monday, June 27, 2011

Rock Picking Fortune

I'm in a bit of a pickle with Camden. Yesterday he spent all day picking rocks, and I mean all day (except for going to church). He has developed a new obsession with crystal rocks that he's convinced he can sell and make millions of dollars. The most amazing thing about his discovery (according to him), is that his fortune lies right outside our back door in the gravel in our backyard playset. After spending hours under the sun yesterday, he came away with the best and brightest crystals that he meticulously cleaned off and set out to dry in hopes of selling them today. He hopped out of bed this morning so excited to go outside and set up a stand outside our house to make his fortune that he plans on blowing on Nerf guns at Toys R' Us.

So my dilemma is, how do I break it to my starry-eyed 7 year old that has spent literally hours outside, that his business venture may not pan out the way he hopes and that today may likely end in disappointment? His new money-making venture is entertaining and cute but I'm afraid today will end in tears and shattered dreams of becoming the next Warren Buffet.

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