Monday, June 27, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

Watching Luke and Lauren together is like deja vous. When I hear her blood-curdling scream and turn around to see Luke's smug little grin, I swear I'm seeing myself and my brother Jesse all over again, but through the eyes and ears of my poor mother who had to endure the never-ending feuding between the two of us. I can see why my mom would so often turn a blind eye, trying not to laugh. The other day as we were driving, we kept hearing Lauren scream as loud as she could followed by "Booooooooppp!" with her little arm outstretched and her hand held out defensively. Dennis and I kept turning around to see what was going on and each time we would, we would just see him smiling sweetly at her and we couldn't figure out why she was freaking out. After about 5 minutes of this, we figured out that Luke wasn't doing anything other than smiling at her, and this making her madder than a hornet and he was thinking this was the best discovery since the flushing toilet. Her "Boooooop!" was in fact her two-year old way of saying "Stooooooop!" Then we did what only the very best of parents often find themselves doing, and got mad at our 4 year old son for doing nothing more than smiling at his sister.
Luke was smiling at Lauren from across the driveway last night and this is her classic "Boooooop!" that we've become so familiar with in the last few days.

Jesse and me in Telamar, Honduras

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