Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Vacation

We've been looking forward all summer to going to Utah for 10 days. I had grand visions of being all neatly packed up and ready to go before Dennis came home from work, but it was one of those days. Every mom out there has had plenty of those, and they seem to happen more and more frequently as the number of children in our family increases. By the time he came home from work, all I had to show for my hours of running around like a frenzied headless chicken was a messy house and not a drop of patience left in my bucket. I was in crisis control mode all morning cleaning up one disaster after another, most of them courtesy of my blue-eyed two-year old (see picture below...this was episode #27 of the morning).

I hate to admit it but lately these type of things have really brought out the cussing side of me. You really know when you need to clean up your act (or in my case, my mouth) when your four year old comes up to you while you're chatting with a friend and says, "Moooooom! Camden said, 'Da** it'!"

Yikes. That's when you want to pat them on the head, smile, and say, "Kids just say the darnest things, don't they? Where do they come up with that kind of stuff?"

After our Lagoon trip last year, the kids have been looking forward to going back all year. We gave the ferris wheel a try for the first time. Camden and my nephew Jacob had a blast rocking and spinning the gondola back and forth but unfortunately Luke inherited my fear of heights.

While we were at Lagoon, my little exhibisionist kept stripping down to his nothings and wanting to pee everywhere. I don't think it was as much for the need as it was for the experience. It was like he wanted to experience piddling anywhere new that hadn't been marked. This time, my nephew Jacob was playing in the fountains as we were getting ready to leave. I was watching him show off his many dance moves (note the audience he gathered behind him) when I turned to see Luke with his shirt off, underwear and pants around his ankles, with eyes wide and bright, with a candy-store grin saying, "I want to pee in THERE!" I quickly pulled his pants up and told him the security guard standing by probably wouldn't like that. As you can see, he was quite disappointed.

Camden and Jacob won these stuffed animals. They were called Skeleanimals and their motto was "Dead Animals Need Love Too." ??????????????????

The second day we met up with Percy and Casey. It was helpful to have a higher adult to kid ratio with the crowds. The boys had an absolute blast and after 2 days they were beat. Isn't it interesting how after you have kids, 99% of your entertainment comes from seeing your children have fun? That being said, I had a great time too.

We ended our Utah trip with a family reunion for my siblings. We went to my sister-in-law's cabin at Schofield. To celebrate Camden's birthday, we played Minute To Win It games. Check out my mom and dad's serious hip action. The Oreo game was pretty entertaining too.

I can't believe I have a 7 year old! I told him that this more growing up and getting older and I mean it!

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