Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Camera Fun

My kids are a little peeved with me. Ever since I bought my new camera, I've been one of those fanatic camera moms. They were sick of it after about 15 minutes. The camera we had had since Camden was born finally died- R.I.P. It's amazing how quickly the top-of-the-line technology that you pay top dollar for becomes a dinosaur. Frustrating but just a part of life I need to get used to.

But yet again, I totally let myself get suckered into the sales pitch that the guy at Best Buy gave me on the new Sony Nex-5. I must say, I do love it though. I even went to the library and got a couple of books on photography and have been studying it for the past few days. I feel so smarty pants with my new vocabulary words like ISO and aperture- words that a couple of weeks ago I would have thought were from a nerdy Sci-Fi movie or something (no offense to the Sci-Fi nerds out there). Here are a few of my favorite pictures that have come from my new camera. Now I just need to learn how to use photo shop since I've heard a lot of people say that's when you really get the good pictures.

This statuette is in what I lovingly call the "Pagan Room" of the house. I've turned our study into our international room where I've put all of the souvenirs and trinkets we've collected from all of the countries we have visited, and it has become my prized room in the house. I love religious statuettes from all different faiths. We bought this one in Bali.

This one makes me laugh. After multiple failed attempts of trying to get the boys to look at the camera, I finally told them that if they looked really close at the lens, they'd see a little bug inside. I imagine this was the view for many bugs during the last few seconds of their life.

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Cher said...

those look great! and especially impressive if you didn't even crop or photoshop them.
you can take a community ed photography class if they have one near you, you'd enjoy it!