Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Many Faces of Lauren

As I watch Lauren, so much of her little personality reminds me of myself when I was a kid from the way she out-eats her brothers at every meal to the way she crinkles her little nose when she smiles.  How I love this sassy, sweet, happy-go-lucky, fesity little girl. 

While Dennis and I were deep in conversation while driving, we turned around to see Lauren watching us like this.
Her rubber snake that she loves to haul around with her blankie.
It creeps me out.

In her favorite hiding place as she sports the swimming suit and rainboots she insisted on wearing on a cold and rainy fall day.

Waiting for me to let her in from the backyard.

One of the things I know I'll miss the most when my kids grow up is their little voices and the way they say things.  Here's a quick guide for understanding Lauren's most common words:

Nana: Camden
Dute: Luke
Tita:  Calista
Neenee: Lauren
Mamox: Grandma Hawkes
Bop it: Stop it (this is usually screeched and can be heard around the entire house)

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Becky said...

That little Lauren is so dang cute! I love to talk to her when I visit the nursery. The picture of you kissing her is adorable! I've always thought the same thing about how I'll miss the "chipmunk" voice when they grow older. Ahhhh.....toddlers!