Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Washington D.C.

This past week Dennis and I went to Washington D.C. to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  Even though we were married in May, I was ready to pop with Calista on the actual day of our anniversary.  A few weeks later we saw a screamin' deal on airline tickets to D.C. and I told Dennis that he could make it up to me for having taken me waddling from dealership to dealership pick-up shopping on our actual anniversary.  
We stayed with my brother, Alex, and his family who are stationed in D.C. while he is learning Persian.  When it comes to politics and world events, Alex is hands-down the smartest person I know.  Since he works for the State Department and is usually over-seas on assignment with his family, we don't get to see them often so this was a treat for us.

This is the Ford theater where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.  What an awe-inspiring and sobering place. 

My favorite display at the American History Musueum: the first ladies' innagural ball dresses.  Can you tell I love Michelle Obama since this is the only dress I took a picture of?  Such a classy lady.  Yes, this is a potentially lethal thing to admit to when you live in Idaho.  :)

This flag that was laying on the ground in front of the Vietnam Memorial was one of the most touching things I saw while in  D.C. 

Can you tell we were cold and soggy?  I love Dennis' face in this picture with the chattering teeth.

These last few pictures are of Mount Vernon, possibly one of my favorite places in the whole United States.  What a wonderful place to honor and reflect such a giant of a man.  There are so many remarkable things about George Washington that make me want so badly to have been a fly on the wall when he roamed these grounds.  I told Dennis that one of the things I look forward to the most after I die is to hopefully see the scenes of history, especially those of early America.  It was quite romantic to walk around Mt. Vernon, huddled together under an umbrella. 

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Cher said...

great pictures. i really like the one of the tree in focus and the house in the background. i love dc too. looks like you a great time.
and persian? wow. that's cool.