Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Crush

Lauren seems to have developed her first crush on the guys from Hot Chelle Rae.  I had no idea who they were until I looked them up on Youtube so Camden could watch the music video to "Tonight, Tonight."   He had heard the song on the radio and asked if he could watch it.  As of now, the music videos has almost 20 million views and I think Lauren is personally responsible for at least 1,000 of those- not even kidding.  I love watching her little face as she watches it.  With a dreamy look in her eyes, she sings along totally off-pitch, bobbing her head and clapping her hands. 

I'm in serious trouble if she's anything like I was when it comes to boys.

1 comment:

Cher said...

hey maybe she just likes the beat? :)
we love that song around here too. too bad it talks about tattoos and girlfriends cheating, i wonder if that's ok when the 4 year old sings the words? yikes. but it could be worse, right?