Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The other day as I was putting around the house doing all the cumbersome things that usually fill my day from laundry to dishes to changing diapers, I began fantasizing about what my days will be like when all my kids are in school and I have the day to myself from 8am-4pm. 

What would I do with all that freedom?

Then with amusement I realized, "Really?  It's not like you have anything better to do." 

What would I do?  Go the grocery store?  The gym?  ...without kids?   Maybe get a job?  Big whoop. 

Then who would entertain me with stories about Kung Fu and Elmo when I'm driving in the car?  What would be the fun of putting a package of marshmallows into the cart at the grocery store without someone whooping in delight at the sight of them?  Churros at Costco would lose their magic without the sticky hands and sugary grins.

I don't want to become one of the older women in the grocery store who with regret tells the young mother to enjoy these days because before she knows it, they'll be gone.  I don't know how many times I've had older women smile sadly as they watch me with my children saying how they wished they would have appreciated those days when they had young children.  "Now," they say, "the house is empty and the days are lonely."

What would I rather be doing other than playing "Go, Fish" and making peanut butter cookies with pudgy, little fingers poking at the dough? 

A resounding nothing.

The best part of my day... squeezing, squishing, and kissing this little lady.


Liz Johnson said...

Ok, that Calista's arm rolls make me SQUEAL. She is so cute!!!!!!!!

And I agree - it's really nice to be reminded of how awesome my life is with posts like this. :)

Val said...

Such a GREAT post!! I'm finally in the blogging community so I'll start following you. Thanks for the reminder of how blessed we are to have little kids at home. Love you cousin!

Cher said...

Agreed! That's why I love blogging because it gives me the change to ponder and articulate these feelings. Once I write it down then I reflect on it more often than if it had just been a passing thought I had one evening.

The "J" Team said...

So true! I had a grocery worker say that to me the other month "enjoy them, you'll miss them" It's a good thing people remind us, so we appreciate this period in our lives, because it is the best!