Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Purple Ducks

The other morning as I was dropping Camden off at school, I heard Lauren from the backseat frantically screaming, "Guck!  Guck!"  (Her word for duck). 

I asked her if she had seen a duck. 


"What color was it?"

"Popo."  (Purple)

Since purple is her default color for everything, I told her, "Ducks aren't purple, silly!"

Fastforward a couple of hours.  From my bedroom I hear her screeching "Popo guck!  Popo guck!"

I come in to see what all the commotion is about.  There was Lauren, with eyes popped wide, pointing at the TV.  Sure enough there Elmo teaching a duck the specifics on how to quack.   And wouldn't you know he was purple... and wearing a sweater.

And so it is. 

I stand corrected by none other than the furry, red puppet who is supposed to be a toddler monster.   What good is a college degree and 30 years of life experience when with one swift kick in the pants, mother's reasoning takes the back seat to Elmo?

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