Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baby Chubs

Good'd think I have nothing going on in my life other than blogging. 5 posts in one week is a little excessive for me, I think. Especially when 4 of the 5 posts are just pictures of my kids. I really do have a life.  I just can't get enough of this little lady if you can't tell.   Fortunately I've had some extra time on my hands this weekend along with a superhuman husband.

I took these pictures with hopes of capturing her little rolls and chubs.  How I love this little girl!

Wouldn't it be great if as adults people giggled and squealed every time they saw our rolls and cottage cheese?


Liz Johnson said...

MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! She is SO stinking cute. Holy crap. I want to nibble her.

The "J" Team said...

There is nothing cuter than chubby babies!