Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Pictures

I think what appeals to me about photography is being able to capture emotion, personality, history, and so many things all in the blink of a shutter.  As I've practiced and experimented, I find that the pictures I find the most thrilling are those that tell a some kind of a story rather than posed pictures.

Last night Dennis and the kids helped me to experiment with ideas that I wanted to try out involving shutter speed and lighting.  If there is one thing that I hope to learn in photography it's not only to develop an eye, but to be technically good as well.  I think that's where the years and years of practice come in.   I need to learn to be patient with myself as I'm learning.  I keep looking at the pictures I take and find myself getting frustrated that they're not as good as I'd like them to be.  I have to remind myself to be patient and forgiving of myself as I'm learning.  There are very few subjects that I could sit down and read an endless number of books on, but I find that photography is one of them.   It's been so much fun to find a new hobby as an adult.

With these two pictures, I slowed down the shutter speed and ramped up the ISO's to produce the brilliance of the Christmas tree lights.

No, these next two don't really tell a story other than that of an over-bearing mother who dresses her child up in ridiculous costumes for no reason other than to squeal over her cuteness.  I don't think a thousand years of taking pictures of this little lady could ever be enough for me.

With this one, I got a strand of multi-colored Christmas tree lights and had Dennis twirl them around Luke in a circular motion.  I slowed down the shutter speed and decreased the ISO's.  
(Idea courtesy of Pinterest- just like almost every good idea is now days)

Our Christmas tree actually has relatively few lights on it, but with the slow shutter speed, it makes it look like the tree is almost on fire.  

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Cher said...

your kids hold pretty still! when i slow down my shutter speed, the kids are blurry too. :)
cool pictures!