Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Candy and Sardines

I don't know why I just can't get enough of this little lady.  Maybe it's because after 4 kids I'm finally realizing how short this time is and that before I know it she'll be slamming doors and quarreling with her brothers and sister.

After having our third child, I settled in on the theory that anyone that had more than 3 kids seriously had to have some loose screws upstairs.  In my mind it also catapulted my mother into sainthood for having raised 8 children.

No matter how much I knew another child was waiting to join our family, I was still certain that having a fourth child would earn me a front row seat to the Heckofalottakids Crazy Club.  But here it is and I could watch her all day, furiously wiggling her toes and bubbling spit as she concentrates with eyebrows furrowed on the task in her pudgy little hands.  Usually it's trying to eat something twice the size of her head.

Last night while Dennis was out playing racquetball, I taught the kids how to play Sardines.  I loved hearing their squeals and giggles throughout the house as we played.  I told them about how when Luke was little we starting to play hide-and-seek together.  It was amazing how he could sit so quietly for so long when we were playing starting as young as 18 months.  I told them how there were times when the only way I could figure out where he was hiding was to call out, "Hey, Lukester!  I have some candy for you."  Then I'd hear a mad scramble from wherever he was hiding as he'd call out, "Coming!!!"

They got a good laugh out of that.  A few minutes later while Lauren and I were hiding, the boys were becoming frustrated that they couldn't find us.  Pretty soon I heard Camden call out, "Hey, Lauren!  We have candy for you!"  From the darkened laundry room where we were hiding, she shot me a look with wide eyes and opened her mouth to claim her stake on the candy goods. I told her to hush and that her brothers were just teasing her.  She squirmed a little and settled back down, obviously disappointed and disgusted that they would do such a mean thing.

About 30 seconds later, I heard the second call, "Lauren!!!  Where are you?  We have the candy!"  Once again she wiggled and whimpered wanting so badly to call out to them.  I reminded her again that it was just a trick.  She pouted her lip and let out a little, "Hummph."

Finally on their third promise of candy, she decided she couldn't stand it any longer and shot to her feet and squealed, "OOOOOOOkay guys!" as she burst out of the laundry room.

What a disappointment.  No candy in sight and two brothers practically rolling on the floor laughing.

So we settled for two-day old cream-filled cupcakes that I had made (which tasted awful) and another good laugh.


Cher said...

ha ha ha, so cute!
and did your hubby take those pics of you and little calista? so cute as well!

Merrick Family said...

Yes, he did. I felt a little weird having someone take so many pictures of me since I'm usually the one behind the camera. But I'm glad he got them. I love them.