Friday, January 6, 2012

My little sis

This past week my sister, Cristina and her family came to visit after Christmas.  When we were kids the poor thing endured more than her fair share of dress-up sessions.  I guess things don't change much in 25 years.

I had been thinking for a while that it would be fun to take some 1950's style pictures and as I plotted on who I could ask, she kept coming to mind.  Being the great little sister that she is, she once again let me talk her into getting dolled up, this time in 50's style clothes and hair, and allow me to take pictures of her.  She is such a beauty.  I only wish I had the skills to do her full justice.  Once again, please excuse my very, very embarassingly-so amateur photography skills.   Here are some of my favorite pictures that we took.

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