Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another crazy night

Here's a typical night of insomnia, which was last night for me.  

11:30pm- Head to bed far too late knowing that waking up at 5:45am to workout with the ladies in the garage is going to come waaaaay to early.  Blast those good books that suck you in.

12:30am- Still awake, flopping around anxiously, thinking how tired I'm going to be all day if I can't fall asleep.

1:30am- Okay, bootcamp just isn't going to happen.  I head downstairs and write a note for Dennis to leave for the ladies when he heads off to work with instructions on what the workout is for the day.

2:30am- Still awake, but now with guilt that I've bailed on these awesome ladies.  Dang it, now I need to piddle.

3:30am- Realized I dozed off, but sit up in bed hoping that Dennis set his alarm and that he won't sleep in and forget to leave the note and unlock the garage door.  Double check his alarm to make sure it's set.

4:00am- Beep, beep, beep, beep.  From a foggy sleep I realize that it's not my dream but the alarm on my stop watch going off somewhere in the dark.  I stumble around groping towards the sound and realize that it's coming from deep inside my closet.  "What the...?!?  Who in the blazes set the alarm for 4am?"  Turn it off, stumble back to bed.

4:30am- Dozed off again, but I swear I heard someone at the front door so I bolt downstairs to see if someone is there.  "That's a negative, you goon.  Go back to sleep," I tell myself as I realize that anyone at my door at 4:30 in the morning would have to be either drunk or dangerous.

5:30am- Dennis' alarm goes off and he quietly tries to get ready for work without disturbing me, but I'm in that annoying place between sleep and wakefulness, flopping around like a fish and agonizing over how long today is going to be.

6:00am- I hear a few squeaks coming from Calista's room and pray that she'll fall back asleep.  I know they're downstairs exercising without me and now I'm worrying that they will think the workout I made up is lame.

6:15am- Like a scene from a creepy movie, I sense someone's presence and open my eyes to see Lauren standing in the doorway with hair looking like Mad Madame Mim and eyes bulging (have I ever mentioned how the more tired my kids are, the wider their eyes are?)  "Tita's awake," she says in a monotone voice.

"She fell back to sleep.  Here, come get in bed with mommy."

Stepping on my ribs and stomach with the grace of a drunken elephant, she crawls over me and nestles in just close enough so her hair tickles my nose.  After 15 minutes of squirming to find the right position, she dozes off into a fitful sleep as I listen to the rhythm of the squishy sound she makes when she sucks her thumb.

7:15am- Without warning, Lauren suddenly shoots up to a sitting position.  With a voice as bright and bubbly as if it were Christmas morning says, "Neenee's (her name for herself) awake!  Wake up mom!" as she practically leaps out of my bed and bounces out the room.

Are you kidding?!  How does she do it?

And so sleep-deprived day #2,738 {the number of days since crappy sleep became the norm, 7 1/2 years ago} begins.


Derek and Andra said...

sounds way to familiar!!

The "J" Team said...

I so feel your pain. I wish I had cherished those nights of continuous sleep.