Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another reason I love kids

March 2012 011-1

A few days ago I found this picture Camden had drawn depicting an incident that had happened at school where he thought someone had stolen something from his desk and then used the stolen item for Show and Tell the following week.  (I blurred out her name for obvious reasons)  He was furious.  Then he did what any 2nd grade boy would do with a picture depicting an emotionally scarring event- he folded it into a paper airplane and threw it around the house for the rest of the evening.


"I know you're upset, Camden, but what do you think Heavenly Father would want you to do?" I asked.

It seemed I had given him just the opportunity he had been waiting for.  His little eyes lit up and he said, "Well, Mom, I've been reading in the scriptures and in the Old Testament, when people did things that were wicked, God would send fires and floods and destroy them!"  
March 2012 004

Another one of mom's attempts to teach values using reflective questioning bites the dust...

Then today as Luke and I were trying to decide what to do to keep us entertained on a snowy, blustery morning I asked him what he felt like doing.

As casually as if he were suggesting we play a game of Candyland he said (in his little Mickey Mouse voice), "Well, we could play 'Blow up Justin Beiber.'"  

"What?!? You don't even know who Justin Beiber is!"

Snicker, snicker... "I know."

So we settled for a close second- pretending he was Mr. Potato Head.


Jeff and Kris said...

I love this picture of you and Luke!!!!

Merrick Family said...

Yikes...that's my no-make-up, scary morning face but I love how Luke looks in it. :)