Thursday, March 8, 2012

Farm boy meets veggie burger

Lately I've been trying to really step it up with the health quality of the food we're eating as a family.  In my brilliant attempt to cut back on the red meat but still enjoy hamburgers, I bought some veggie burgers at Costco.  I thought I could  teach my red meat-worshipping husband to embrace the healthier side of protein. Being the good sport that he is, Dennis agreed to give it a shot.

Dennis: "Ummmm....sweetie?  Is this supposed to be green?"

Me:  "The trick is, don't be expecting it to taste like a burger.  If you expect it to taste like veggies mashed into a pattie, then you won't be disappointed."

Dennis:  "I'm pretty sure I won't be expecting this to taste like a burger."

Me:  "'s not a burger.  It's a veggie burger."

Dennis:  "Riiiighht."

A nibble and a few-dry heaves later, down the garbage disposal it went.

Dennis:  "Ugggh!  You should seriously try to get your money back from Costco on those.  How does anyone eat those things?  I need something to drink." my health mission came to a screeching halt for the day.

March 2012 001March 2012 003

Onto less amusing things, since I returned from Chile our family has been taken through the ringer when it comes to sickness.

After Dennis' 6th run-in with strep throat this year, the recommendation was finally made for Dennis to have his tonsils out at the beginning of April.

What started out as a nasty, nagging cough for Camden turned into pneumonia.  Antibiotics, nebulizer treatment, and steroid treatment all included.

Luke, Lauren, and Calista all caught Camden's cold which after several days turned into ear infections for all of them.  The hardest part has been seeing sweet, mellow Calista, who rarely cries, howl and scream in pain.

Four visits to the pediatrician in one week, antibiotics for each child twice daily and nebulizer treatments every 6 hours... exhausting.  The windy weather along with having all 4 kids cooped up in the house on quarantine hasn't helped much.

But the good news is that we're almost out of the woods.  The boys were well enough to send to school and Lauren is back to her usual cave woman self.

March 2012 005


Fortunes said...

I have to agree with Dennis on the veggie burgers...yuck! I'm so sorry...having sick kids is the worst!!!

Becky said...

Dennis' face makes me laugh! I LOVE veggie burgers! I like to put BBQ sauce, avocado and tomato on them. Tell him to bring them to us instead of throwing them out :)

Are you guys feeling better yet? What a horrible round of illness!

Merrick Family said...

Yes, Becky. We are feeling lots better. Maybe I'll run those over to your house. I usually enjoy veggie burgers to but these are a little too mushy for my taste.

Cher said...

ha ha, i've never tried those green ones! i did make some black bean burgers a few months ago that i thought were actually pretty good. if you're feeling brave you should try them! here's the link
also, these veggies sandwiches were awesome! not sure if they're healthy though. ;)