Sunday, April 29, 2012


This month marks 6 years that we've been living in our house.  I remember once saying to Dennis that the thought of staying in one house for the rest of my life was about as unfathomable as comprehending the size of the universe... I just couldn't wrap my mind around it.  For as restless as I get living in such a quiet town, I realize that in all reality there is no where else I'd rather raise my children.  The area can seem pretty dull at times, but truth be told, I've never known better, kinder people than the people of southwest Idaho.  I'm amazed at the kindness of strangers as they see me with my four little ones and try to help me in anyway they can.  Motorists are uncommonly courteous and traffic is often held up as they wave each other on through stop signs and slow down for each other to merge.  There doesn't seem to be what I call the "Us and Them" feeling that is often present in communities where there are large numbers of LDS people.  People of all faiths come together, not seeming to care whose side of the fence you're on.

Today as I taught my Sunday school class of 15 and 16 year olds, I was reminded again how blessed I am to be among such remarkable people.  This week got pretty busy and I since I wasn't able to prepare the lesson, I asked them to each take a few minutes and talk to us about their favorite scripture.  I asked that they not just read it, but talk a little about why it was special to them and how it was that Spirit testified to them that it was true.

As they went around the circle, I was amazed and humbled at the depth of their testimonies.  The things they shared were surprisingly insightful and far deeper than anything I was capable of at their age.  Their expressions were heartfelt and at times tearful as they talked about how the scriptures encouraged them to keep moving and to become better.  I wanted to hug each of them and tell them how moved and inspired I am by their strength.  I told them that they could possibly be my children's church leaders someday and that if so, I knew my children would be in good hands.

...One more reminder how remarkably blessed I am.

Relief Society 037
Onto some other exciting news for us, my Calista is finally crawling at almost 11 months!  Last Wednesday she timidly coordinated the movement of her hands and knees moving together in sync.  I say timidly because of all of my kids, she gets embarrassed the easiest.  As Dennis and I clapped and cheered her on as she tried out her newly acquired skill, she would turn her head away and tuck her chin into her shoulder in a bashful smile.  Since then she has been off, crawling anywhere her pudgy little knees will take her.  I love to see her shyly smile and hide her face when she gets attention from others.  It's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Her next milestone will probably be the transition to vampire baby.  Just as with Lauren, Calista's canines are breaking through before her front teeth making her the cutest little roly-poly vampire baby you've ever seen.


Fortunes said...

So cute. I love shy little ones. I feel the same way you do. I never thought I would want to settle down and stay in one place (must come from moving every 2 years growing up), but I love it so much here, as you love it there, that I don't ever want to leave. Funny how life turns out.

Merrick Family said...

Isn't it amazing what stability can do for someone? I'm glad you guys are doing well. We really need to get together sometime!