Monday, May 14, 2012

Lists and sticky notes

May 2012 013-1
This picture correlates with #15.  I had a fleeting
 moment of  craftiness last week and made Lauren a tutu
out of some leftover tulle.  I had a blast watching her
prance around and ride her bike through the sprinklers
in it. My favorite picture of the week.
Lately I seem to have gotten into several sticky situations where I think to myself, "Aaah...crap.  I forgot about this.  Why do I keep doing this to myself?!"

I remember my sister, Patty saying several years ago, "I should make myself sticky notes to put up around the house to remind myself of things like this."  I hope her saying that means I'm not the only one that keeps doing the same dumb things to myself over and over again.

In lieu of sticky notes I decided to make myself a list since sticky notes have a way of magically disappearing or becoming cartoon flip pads.

(Written to myself in 2nd person.  Each of these unfortunately have several incidents to have qualified them to make the list.)

1.  Cutting bangs is a fun change for about a week, then you spend the next several months trying to grow them out.
2.  No matter how cute short hair looks on other people, it never looks that good on you.
3.  The fatigue and discomfort that come along with pregnancy are overwhelming and turn you into the biggest whiner you know...
4.  ...but newborns are magical and make it all worthwhile.
5.  You're busier than you think.  Will you quit adding things to your plate?!
6.  10 days on any vacation at any destination is more than enough.
7.  You love racquetball.
8.  You really don't like volleyball and usually come home in a bad mood after you've played.
9.  After 9pm, just shut your mouth and go to bed, Miss Grumpypants.
10.  You will always regret losing your temper.
11.  You will always regret gossiping.
12.  You could quite possibly be the best backwards bicycler with all the backpedaling you've done after trying to be clever or funny.  Keep those snarky comments to yourself, woman!
13.  If you're not cognisant, you will always revert to your default settings.
14.  Nickel and diming is the surest way to blow your budget.
15.  You love to be creative.  Find time for it no matter how busy you get.
16.  Couponing is enticing but quickly becomes a beast with a life of it's own.
17.  Nothing sucks your time faster than being on the computer.

That last one being said, I think it's time to finish this post and get a move on for the day.

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