Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cupcake Walk of Shame


I was trying to keep a straight face as I observed what seems to have become a ritual around these parts- the "Cupcake Walk of Shame."  I know I should have been embarrassed or at least a little angry with him, especially since this is one of about a half dozen "Walks of Shame" over the past year and the second for this day alone.  But I couldn't help but think how adorable he looked as he shuffled up to the door with a plate of cupcakes in hand and gave a couple quick knocks with his tiny little fist on the door of his primary teacher.

*Door opens.  Insert awkward silence*

Me:  "Luke, what do you have to say to Sister So-and-so?"

Luke: "Sorry-ugh."

Me: "What was that?  I don't think she heard you."

Luke: "I said 'sorry-ugh'!" as he thrusts the plate of cupcakes forward with his chin tucked into his shoulder.

Me: "For what?"

Luke: "For being mean-ugh!"

Sister So-and-So: "Oh, Luke!  You didn't need to apologize, but thank you for coming over!  May I have a hug?"

Batting his butterfly eyelashes he tries to hide a pleased smile and leans in for a big bear hug and then takes off at full speed jabbering about Legos and his sister with the crazy hair "who screams like a wild banshee."

One more reason, out of about 1,000, that motherhood is the most amusing job on earth.

And there's your random, pointless anecdote for the day.


Fortunes said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had to make cupcakes for a primary teacher!

Merrick Family said...

Don't you love it? You try so hard to be stern with them as they're doing it but it's just about the cutest thing to watch.