Sunday, November 11, 2012


I just realized I never got around to blogging about our trip to Seattle that we took at the beginning of October!  Percy and Casey moved out there about a year ago and we had been looking forward to visiting them for a long time.

I loved Seattle!  Percy explained that the philosophy of most people is "Live and let live," and  I saw this philosophy first hand immediately.  On our first afternoon we ate lunch at a city park that was filled with homeless people, families, and business men, all sitting alongside each other as they enjoyed a beautiful sunny afternoon.  I loved the eclectic energy of the city that seemed to welcome people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and appearances.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our visit.

Seattle 005-1
The troll under the bridge just about a block from Percy's house.
This was one of Camden's favorite highlights from the trip.

Seattle 050-1
Jellyfish at the aquarium

Seattle 058-1
Luke and Percy exploring a 3D mural at the city aquarium

Seattle 068
Fun city park where the tree trunks were painted
this bright blue

Seattle 073-1
I took this picture wanting to capture the simultaneous movement and stillness of the scene.  What made this picture memorable was the lady on the left, in the blue coat, sitting on the bench.  Apparently she must have thought I was trying to photograph her so she extended her arm, flipped me the bird and held that position in complete stillness for the 3 or 4 minutes that it took me to set up and snap several shots.  Afterwards I wanted to thank her for giving character to an otherwise boring shot, but I wasn't sure if she would appreciate that.

Seattle 081-1
View of the Seattle skyline from atop the Space Needle
(I had to slow down the shutter speed because it was so dark and I loved the movement it captured, especially of the ferry and the jetliner taking off)

Seattle 088-1
The night we went to the Space Needle, Lauren insisted on
wearing this pink wig.  She reminded me of Thing 1 from the Cat in the Hat.

Seattle 094

Seattle 098
My kids love their uncle Percy!

Seattle 101-1

Seattle 128-1

Seattle 236-1
How grateful I am that my brother has found such a fantastic partner!  Casey is a wonderfully kind and genuine person.
And this guy can COOK!

Seattle 075
This is an example of the wonderful coexistence I was taking about.
It all comes down to just two guys who like to play chess.

Thank you, Percy and Casey for being such fantastic  hosts!  My kids ask often when we are going back to visit.  Their only disappointment is that they didn't get to see the wall of chewing gum (???) that they read about in some book.  I guess we'll have to plan on that for next time!


Cynthia said...

Next time take them to the zoo, it is amazing! I love Seattle (and if you drive, take a small detour and visit us in Moses Lake).

Casey said...

We absolutely loved hosting you and your family, Rita, and look forward to your next visit. Had I known the kids wanted to see the gum wall, we could've gone. Next time! Beautiful photos, I love seeing the world through an artist's eye.

Rita said...

My kids read about the gum wall after we got back or we would have tried to go see it. Isn't it amazing that out of all the amazing things to see in Seattle, the one thing they wanted to see most was a wall filled with pieces of chewed up gum???

Cher said...

really cool pics! love the view from the top of the space needle!

Me said...

What a nice blog post on your visit to see us in Seattle. It means alot to me that you came to our home and stayed with us. I love you sis! Percy