Sunday, January 6, 2013


I just found this post I had written last May but never posted.  It's astounding to me to see the athleticism of my little Lauren.  She has mastered puzzles, roller blades, and anything else that involves fine or gross motor skills.  


And who said Darwinism is a hoax?  I think he could have bypassed the Galapagos and done his studies in my house to develop his theories on evolution. 

March 2012 017-1
And this little girl can hold her own quite well in a brawl, I tell you.
Age when they learned to open a door
Camden: 2 1/2
Luke: 18 months
Lauren, in Houdini-like fashion, learns to open doors with child locks: 2 1/2

Age when they begin to eat only the marshmallows in Lucky Charms and throw out the rest:
Camden: 2 1/2
Luke: 10 months
Lauren: I'm embarrassed to say- let's just say, much too early and I'm a bad mom for giving them to her at that age.

Age when they begin giving Mom orders on how to do their hair
Camden: 7 (I'm not sure he even noticed he had hair before then)
Luke: 3
Lauren: 2

The first time riding a two-wheel scooter:
Camden: 4
Luke: 3
Lauren decides to bypass the scooter and go for the roller-blades: 2 1/2

 At this rate, it's a little scary to think what lies in store for us with Calista...

Update since this post was originally written:

My little Calista has grown up immensely since this was written last May and it never ceases to amaze me how each child comes to earth with such different strengths and personalities.  Dennis and I have decided that while Calista hasn't leapt ahead like her sister did in terms of athletic abilities, she has proven to be more calculated in the things that she does.  She is one to quietly observe, analyze, weigh the risks and benefits, and then act- the first of my kids to show such deliberatness.  Such an incredible thing to observe.

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