Sunday, January 6, 2013


This post is really no more than an update on some of the things that have been going on around our house.   They are mostly random and probably mostly funny just to me and Dennis because we know our kids, but either way, I wanted to get them written down.


The other day Luke was getting dressed for the day when he realized that all of his sweats (workout pants) were dirty and going to be laundered that day, leaving him only a pair of jeans to wear.  He was extremely irritated and he began hollering, "Mom, it's YOUR fault that my pants are all dirty!  I only like stretchy pants, not jeans!"  Where he came up with this being somehow my fault, I'll never know, but I explained that I only do laundry on Mondays and Thursdays and that  within a couple of hours he would have clean pants but to go ahead and just wear his jeans until then.  "I only like stretchy pants!" he said as he defiantly folded his arms across his chest.

I think I may have mentioned before that this kid has a stubborn streak as wide as the Grand Canyon... so he walked around the rest of the day in only his underwear.  Because of this little tantrum,  I decided I'd hold off on washing his batch of clothes until the very last to show him that his tantrums wouldn't get him very far. He was beyond indignant by the end of the day when Dennis got home.  According to him, I had made him walk around all day completely naked.

That evening in an effort to lighten things up, I began telling a make-believe story about a new superhero,  "Capitán Stretchy Pants," (said in the voice of Nacho Libre) who saved the world with the amazing stretch of his pants.  Amazingly, el capitán refused to wear any other pants, especially jeans, and would rather walk around in his underwear than be caught without his trusty stretchy pants.  Luke began giggling as he realized I was referencing him and his little tantrum from that morning.  By bedtime he was rolling around laughing and squealing, as I told of the adventures of el capitán catapulting dirty diapers and capturing bandidos with the amazing stretch of his pants.

Now Dennis has taken over telling the kids the stories of "Capitán Stretchy Pants," and since he apparently tells the stories better than I do, with more enthusiasm and a better accent, I have been banned from telling the stories because I'm "not as funny."  


As babies, each of my kids have loved the song "You Are My Sunshine," so this has naturally become one of the songs that is sung to them every night.

One day as I was changing Calista's diaper when she was only about 14 months old, I was singing to her as I changed her.  At one point I sang, "You are my sun..." as I paused to reach over and grab something. 

To my complete surprise, she completed the phrase, "...shine."

I wasn't sure I had heard right so I sang the next line, "My only sun..."


I was shocked since "momma" and "dadda" were the only two words in her vocabulary, or so I thought.  I Perhaps I had heard wrong so I sang the next line, "You make me hap..."

"Peee!"  she sang out with a wide toothy grin on her face."

I continued, "When skies are..."

"Gray!"  she sang out again.

We continued the rest of the song with her finishing the last syllable of each line.

I was shocked.  All along I had been singing to her, never realizing she was learning the words to the song. Who woulda thunk... my kids actually do listen to what I say every once in a while.


The other night as Dennis was putting Lauren to bed, he asked her how her day had been.  With an overly dramatic sigh, she placed her hand on her forehead and theatrically said, "It's not easy being a princess, dad."


Camden and Luke have acquired a new interest obsession with King Tut.  Apparently he's the flavor of the month, so to speak and it has been non-stop questions about him.  

One day Luke told me, "Mom, I can't wait to die."

"What?!  Why in the world would you say that?" I asked.

"Because dad told me that I probably won't be able to meet King Tut until after I die and we're all resurrected.... and I think that would be super duper cool.  But he is kinda cweepy so I don't know..."


My parents visited us over Christmas and we had a wonderful time with them.  My kids absolutely adore my parents.  We had several fun half-day outings to a local pond, to visit an uncle and drink malts in his restored 1950's diner, and to enjoy the glory of Costco's hand-dipped almond bars.

My mom brought Mr. and Mrs. Santa suits along with hats and outfits for the kids to wear as well.  She told me one of the must-do's of her visit was to get a picture with the kids in their Santa suits.  Unfortunately my kids have developed a reflexive scream-n'-run reaction anytime they see a camera pulled out. 

So my mother paid them each a $5 to pose for the camera.  And then of course, they were full of all sorts of smiles and spirit of cooperation.  

And to think that when I was a kid, we'd get either a pull of our sideburns (we Hawkes girls were cursed with unfortunately long and unbecoming sideburns that came in very handy during times like this) or a not-so-gentle squeeze of the underarm (right in the sweet spot between the bicep and the tricep).  

Maybe if she had offered us MONEY, and $5 a piece at that, our pictures would have looked more like this:

and less like this:


Cher said...

hilarious, especially the last two pictures.

Me said...

so funny! I've been laughing out loud at the whole second half of the post. Percy

Trent and Julie said...

These pictures are classic!!! Love them!

Trent and Julie said...

These pictures are classic!!! Love them!

Luisa Hawkes said...

How can a mother of 8, with a tight wand husband (that hated the camera just as much as his of-springs did)possibly offer anything else but an honest to God "Mercy, mercy from above, please have mercy on this cheap-camera-woman for all she has is a 12 exposure picture roll to last for a month!