Wednesday, November 6, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I went through a bit of a roller coaster, and truth be told, I'm a little embarassed by it all and the attention it got.   I was contacted by Deseret News and asked if they could post my last blog post to their website.  I had always thought it would be fun to be "published" so I agreed and later that afternoon it was published.

Knowing that my family blog does not get a lot of internet traffic, I had written the post with a small audience in mind, imagining that most of my readers would be people who know me, most of whom have been reading my blog for quite some time.

The reviews were mixed with the majority being very kind and positive, but many on Deseret News' website and facebook page being negative, having found offense to the topic or certain word choices.  Being a "recovering people pleaser," the negative comments were hard on me to say the least.  It's pathetic, I know, but it's something I'm working on.  I've made great progress over the past few years, but the people pleaser in me is unfortunately deep rooted.  And it's times like this that I realize it runs deeper than I thought.

But thank goodness for the beautiful life I have outside of any public scrutiny or criticism.  If anything, I came away from that experience realizing that living in anonymity isn't quite so bad after all- and it's the things that happen behind closed doors in our little home that make life so fulfilling and rich for me.

On a separate note, I've heard it said that October is for photographers what April is for accountants, and now I can see why.  It seems as though in every spare moment when the kids are napping or down for the night, I've been editing and preparing pictures for clients.  I'm ready to take a break and focus more on learning and practicing, rather than producing.  It's kind of a beast that takes on a life of it's own if you let it.  I've made a point to set some strict guidelines for  myself when it comes to time that I spend on work for clients.  While it certainly has drawn out deadlines, it has been wonderful for my family life and I wondered why I didn't do it sooner.

Halloween was the highlight of the month of course, with the kids asking almost daily how many days were left until they could go trick-or-treating.  During the excitement and preparation leading up to the Halloween night, I realized how sad I'll be when there aren't little ones left at home to make an otherwise gruesome (and my least favorite) holiday so exciting.  Luke decided to be a zombie this year.  This is the first year one of our children has wanted to go as something "scary" so he was breaking the mold!

The weekend before, we took some time to go four-wheeling up in the mountains, followed by lunch in a charming, small-town dinery with some of our favorite friends on one of the last warm weekends of the fall.  It was a wonderful break and I was again reminded how much I love the mountains.


The other day as I picked Luke up from school, I saw him walking towards the car with an ear-to-ear grin on his face and handful of cash.  He was obviously thrilled with himself and whatever it was that he had done.  When we got in the car I asked him where in the world he had gotten that kind of cash.

"Easy...  I sold my worst Pokemon cards to the girls in my class and they paid me a dollar for each of them!"

As much as I wanted to give him a stern lecture, I couldn't help but laugh out loud as I tried to tell him sternly that taking advantage of anyone, for any reason, is never okay.

Later that day, I called the school and told them the situation.  I told them I had already talked to my son, and that he had promised he wouldn't do it again, but to be aware in case the temptation was too great and he did it again.  The secretary had a good laugh about it as well, but assured me that she would keep an eye out on the playground for the little mini black market that my first grader had set up.

Life is good.

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AllisonK said...

"recovering people pleaser" BEST LINE EVER! I need to remember that.

You have a beautiful family and I love reading about your adventures.

Liz Johnson said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry that it was such a hard thing. People are stupid and mean, especially when they can hide behind the internet and not see how much their words hurt.

You're awesome. And I think you're really cool and an amazing mother and person. I wish I lived near you so that I could take advantage of your mad photo skillz. :)