Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I've enjoyed reading so many people's facebook and blog posts about the things they are grateful for throughout this month.  I love that about November!  I haven't been as good about writing gratitude posts, but I would be a wretch if I didn't today.

While some women struggle during their pregnancies with nausea and sickness, I struggle with insomnia, especially during my first trimester.  The first trimester of this pregnancy was especially brutal, as I slept only 2-3 hours per night, and was unable to sleep during the day.  It was agonizing to be so exhausted, but for sleep to be so elusive.  I'm amazed at how well my body adapted to the lack of sleep and accommodated to a new normal, even though night time had become my nemesis.  At about 13 or 14 weeks, the insomnia let up and I thought I was clear of the misery it had brought.

The past few nights, my insomnia has returned with vengance.  This time, though, much more brutal.  I've had what I can only imagine is Restless Leg Syndrome, although it hasn't been officially diagnosed, and that has been the worst part.  Being so restless when you're so exhausted results in fatigue that is painful- literally.

This morning at 2:30am I woke up Dennis, almost in tears and asked if he would give me a priesthood blessing.  I was so exhausted that my body ached and I was desperate for any sort of relief. Afterwards, he sat in bed next to me and rubbed my legs, without me asking, until I was able to relax and come near to falling asleep.

As he was getting ready for work a few hours later at 6am, Calista woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed.  Of course... isn't that how it always seems to go?  Dennis took her downstairs to watch cartoons and woke up Camden, and asked him to babysit his little sister so that I could sleep a little longer and he could go to work.  Dennis said he cheerfully hopped out of bed and snuggled next to his sister on the couch with his blanket.  By the time I woke up at about eight o'clock, I came downstairs to find that Camden had fed his two sisters breakfast and was waiting for me, concerned about how I was feeling.

I curse the insomnia and the misery it brings, but feel thankful for the love I've been able to feel from my husband and family because of it.

How did a girl like me ever get lucky enough to get a guy like this?


Kate Curtis said...

Rita, I am so sorry about the insomnia. I too have had to wake Jacob up in the middle of the night and ask for a blessing because of pregnancy related symptoms. The power of the priesthood and the men who hold those keys is truly something to be grateful for. I am grateful for your reminder!

Anonymous said...

true love! (Percy)