Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Well, we finally sold our house and have moved into the rental that we will be living in until we are done building our new home.  I didn't say much about it on my blog before because of the uncertain nature of home sales.  We received an offer from the buyers in mid-November, but it wasn't until the first week in December that the home inspection was completed and we received the appraisal value for our home, along with the go ahead that the sale would surely go through.  It left us a little over a week to pack up and move out.  Needless to say, it was a busy week, from early in the morning until midnight every night.

As I took the first picture off the wall to start packing, my heart ached.  I've always thought that a home is only a house unless there are family pictures and memorabilia on the walls.  After the first day of packing, with all of the pictures stripped from the walls and the décor boxed up I felt so much sadness, as though I were saying goodbye to one of my own children.

Our home had been a bare bones, cookie cutter house when we bought it in 2006 during the housing boom.  With each passing year we had made it our own, with Dennis planting trees, installing the beautiful landscaping, granite counter tops, a beautiful fireplace, tile flooring, and so many other things that made us really love our home.  So many loving hours that he had poured into our home.  Having grown up moving around so often as a child and in my early adult years, this was the only home that I ever lived in for longer than 3 1/2 years.

As I cleaned and scrubbed on my hands and knees each day as we were preparing to leave, I wondered if I was going a bit over board in getting the home ready for the buyers.  Each night I went to bed with aching hips and sore knees, but I couldn't bring myself to leaving the house in any lesser condition than I felt it deserved. It had been a good home to us, one that I had brought three of my four babies home from the hospital to.  It had sheltered us through the bitterest of storms, and bloomed so beautifully each spring.  Yes, it's probably overly sentimental, but some of the sweetest memories I'll ever have in my life came from within those walls.  My heart swells with gratitude when I think of it.

As I walked through the empty house the day of the closing, I couldn't bring myself to take any pictures.  It was too painful.  I walked into the pantry and realized that I had forgotten to erase the children's growth charts that we had written in pencil on the pantry walls.  Erasing them hurt the very most.  I felt like it summed up so much of what had happened in that house over the past 7 and a half years, so I photographed only that.

We've since talked with the new home owners and they've expressed over and over how much they love the house.  It eases the pain a little to know that another family will love our home as we did as they grow their own memories.

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Cher said...

oh yeah, i had very similar feelings about leaving our house a year and a half ago. change is hard, even when it's good too. :)