Sunday, February 2, 2014

The randomness of being a parent

Sometimes when I call Dennis at work or text him a picture of the happenings of the day, I think to myself how delightfully random the little adventures a parent has with a houseful of little ones.  I think the unexpected randomoness of childhood does good for the grown-up soul since we're often so pre-conditioned to being ruled by the scheduling and the predictability of life.  Although some of their little "adventures" make me feel like I'm half way to the looney bin, I appreciate that these little things are what make my life so sweet and full.

On a cold, dreary winter day, the kids decided to entertain themselves by toilet-papering my bed.
I figured it was cheap (although environmentally unsound) entertainment.

You give two little girls some blue eye shadow and a bag of chips, and 10 very quiet minutes later, they emerge victorious.

One day we had so much crying for no apparent reason that I had to give up on being frustrated and just start to laugh and take pictures.  Which of course only made the crying worse.  But I figured if I didn't laugh about it, I'd be crying soon too.  

The boys after scouring their room for Wacky Wednesday costumes.  I especially loved the clothes pins on the socks.

Waiting for her bear, the second love her life, to come out of the dryer.  The first love of her life being her dad.

And who can blame her?  What's more attractive to a woman than seeing her husband read princess books to their daughter while she's potty training? Nothing, I tell you. 
What's cuter than a pair of chubby little baby legs?
....A pair of chubby little baby legs in tights, pink cowgirl boots, and a tutu- that's what.
...As well as chubby baby legs and chubby baby bum in undies.
Being a little knock-kneed only increases her squeezability, exponentially so.
Dennis texted me this picture and admitted that when he first saw her he panicked, thinking she might be hurt or unconscious, but soon realized she had just found the quietest, comfiest place in the house for a mid-afternoon nap.

Luke teaching his sister the fine art of applying glitter eye shadow.


AllisonK said...

I adore the daily musings of your life. I agree about a good man and you have one, nothing better. The toilet paper is the best! I will to remember that for my boys. They will love it, until of course I have them clean it up. ;)

Cher said...

aww, adorable kids. and what a good daddy too!