Thursday, June 5, 2014

Drowning in Pictures

Every year that I get older I learn more and more about myself.  And each time I discover something new, I'm surprised how much I'm like my mother.  My latest revelation is that I will probably be busy for the rest of my life.  Even when busyness leaves me and things settle down, I have a way of finding it again. I think that's more of a personality type than it is a matter of actually having things to do.  It's wonderful in many ways because I can accomplish a lot of things in a short amount of time, but it's a curse in itself because I always feel like I'm drowning in things I think I need to get done.

This summer I'm determined to manage my impulsive need for busyness and focus on only two goals: being healthy and organizing my pictures.  And believe you me, that second goal in itself will probably keep me busy for most of the summer.  I've spent the past several days deleting and organizing thousands upon thousands of pictures, and I still have oodles more to do.  Aaaayy... how did I ever let it get so out of hand???

The upside to it though has been the chance to go through and see pictures and memories that had long since been forgotten.

Here are some pictures I found from last year of my beautiful little tomboy, most of which I never gave a second glance to after taking them, until now.  She's so beautiful, she takes my breath away.

One of my all-time favorite pictures of her.  In this one, she posed herself and carefully arranged her hair, and told me she wanted me to take a picture of just one eye.  

One afternoon I was playing around with my camera and the lighting in our living room while she sat next to me on the floor watching cartoons.  On a whim I asked her to look up at me since she was so intent on her show.

I love her expression here, but when I took it, she was feeling miserable from terrible allergies after having just ridden a horse.

When I take my children's pictures, I usually try to get them talking about something that makes them happy.  In this picture, she was telling me how much she loves alligators.  Because alligators love bacon.