Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Latest Happenings

Life has been moving along quickly it seems, even though at the end of each day I feel like the days are endless.  I envy the moms that say they love summer break.  If I can be brutally honest, it's a challenge for me each and every day.  I love the warm weather and the fun activities, but it's hard for me when it feels like the kids and I are crawling over eachother every second of the day.  Finding activities to keep five children content, ranging from ages 10 to newborn, has been incredibly challenging.  Almost on an hourly basis I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that summer break doesn't last forever.

But overall I would be an ungrateful wretch if I didn't say that life is good.

Here are a few of the random little things that have been going on lately.

A couple of weekends ago I went to a family reunion for my dad's side of the family.  At first, the main appeal to going was the thought of leaving the girls behind and just getting away with Mila and the boys while Dennis stayed behind to roof.  The thought of a quiet 6 hour car trip across the state was just as appealing as anything.  But it was so wonderful to see my family and reconnect with my roots.  My uncle and aunt who were in charge of the reunion went all out organizing a carnival themed reunion.  There were camels, a bounce house, a dunk tank, a massive slip and slide, and a snow cone machine.  It was an absolute blast.  As I drove away I felt a sense of sadness and loss as I realized it would be another year before I reconnected with these wonderful people that I get to call family.

Last weekend we had another reunion for my parents and siblings.  It was also wonderful.  We canoed and played at a lake, went out to an adults-only dinner, hiked to a beautiful waterfall, and barbecued and played games.  Once again, I felt that sense of sadness and loss as I drove away.  I terribly miss having family close by.

Mila, Sariah, and Cielo- three cousins

Those are the fun things that are the bigger events, but I have to also remind myself of the wonderful things that happen on a daily basis here at home amidst the chaos.  Remembering them is the only thing that keeps me from losing my mind sometimes.


The other day the power company was doing some work on some new powerlines that they had installed nearby.  Part of their work involved letting off some contained explosives nearby.  When the first one went off, it rattled the the entire house as if we had just been hit by a semi truck.  Literally.  It was terrifying.  I ran outside fully expecting to see massive damage to the house.  I called Dennis in a panic and he explained what was going on.  After the second one went off, Lauren came running in my room telling me that Mila had just let off a bomb.  I explained to her that a one month old baby's bowels would not rattle the house like that but she insisted that all the explosions and rattling were Mila's fault.  A few minutes later I smelled something suspicious and checked Mila's diaper.  Sure enough, she had in fact let off a bomb.  I guess never underestimate a four year old's infallible sense of reasoning.


This morning I heard giggling and gagging coming from the downstairs as I was getting ready.  I came down to find the boys taking turns blowing morning breath into each other's faces and laughing hysterically at the other's atrocious breath.  Gross.


My little Calista has been especially challenging since Mila was born.  Where did my angelic toddler go?  But her little antics are just as cute as ever.

  • A few months ago I came upstairs to find her swishing a fly swatter in the toilet.  When I asked her what she was doing, she looked up innocently and said she was "catching butterflyth in the toilet."  (She has the world's cutest little lisp that I know I need to work on correcting, but oh... it's so stinkin' cute) 

  • The other evening she sat on my lap softly touching each freckle on my face and neck and whispered, "I love your pickles." (freckles) 

  • Calista seems to do much of her analyzing and thinking as she watches me feed Mila.  The first time she saw me feeding, her little eyes widened and she said, "Is she drinking your boob?!?" The next day, again while I was feeding Mila, she cocked her head to one side and said, "Did you burp and she came out?"

  • Potty training has been another challenge that we seem to take one step forward in and then two steps back.  We've been having to discipline her lately for not taking the time to do her duty in the toilet instead of on the floor since we know she's fully capable. One day she was out with her brothers and sister playing in the sprinklers in their swimsuits.  I was inside feeding Mila (again) when she walked in stark naked holding her swimming suit out towards me for me to take.  "Why did you take your swimming suit off?" I asked. "A cow pooped in it," she said, as she set it on the floor and hurried away.  I looked down and saw a nice little turd smooshed inside the bottom of her swimsuit.  Apparently the cows in Nampa are just that talented.

  • Whining as been another big challenge that lately seems to have gotten out of control with my little miss.  The other day she was stomping her feet and demanding that I get her a sippy.  I had had it with her whining and knew I was on the edge of losing my cool.  I took a deep breath, knowing that if I didn't make light of it somehow, I was going to lose my mind and probably do something I'd regret.  So I told her I wouldn't get her sippy of milk until she did the Goonies Truffle Shuffle for it.  Victory achieved.  I kept my sanity and she didn't get her tushie spanked.

Our other saving grace has been visiting the house each evening and the excitement we get in seeing it come along. Everyone always says how miserable building a house is, but aside from waiting for it to finish being built, it has been so much fun.

Lauren after her ballet recital

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those were hilarious rita! so funny. glad you record them. i need to better at that because i forget within like a week!