Monday, July 7, 2014

Stump Me

When I was first dabbling with my camera, I felt discouraged with how far I felt I needed to go to capture any sort of image that was satisfying to me.  I tried talking to several photographers but found out quickly that most of them stay mum when it comes to disclosing any sort of helpful knowledge or tips.  It was incredibly frustrating.  One day at work, Dennis was telling one of his co-workers, who is the photographer for the company he works for, about the trouble I was having finding people who would answer my questions.  Graciously, he offered to meet with me one evening and answer any and every question that popped into my head regarding photography, which were many.  I was so grateful to him for his time and encouragment.  Gems like him are few and far between in the photography industry, I've discovered.

He encouraged me to set challenges for myself and gave me my first challenge- to photograph 10 common household items but to make them as unindentifiable as possible.  But they had to be lit and in focus.  If I could stump him, he said, I passed the challenge.

The answers are below.

2- collander
3- dryer sheet
4- hair gel
5- pages of a phone book
6- plastic grocery store bag
7- forks
8- drinking glass
9- ice
10-aluminum foil (that one was too easy, I think)

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