Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10 years old

Dear Camden,

A couple of weeks ago we took you kids to Lagoon to try to make up for a stressful summer. As you walked next to me holding my hand, I wondered how much longer I have of this- the unembarrassed grip you had on my hand as you looked up and talked to me with animated, bright eyes.   You are ten years old, that sweet little gap between childhood and your teen years.  How I treasure these days.  I don’t know what the coming years will bring for us.  So many teenagers become angry and resentful towards their parents during their teens as they try to discover for themselves who they really are.  I certainly didn’t know who I was when I was a teenager.  I think I had a better sense of myself as a child than I did when I was 15.  Then it seemed like I rediscovered myself again in my mid twenties.

Having known you for the past ten and a half years, I want you to know a few things about yourself that you may forget in the upcoming years, the way I did when I was a teenager.

You are kind.  One of the kindest people I know.  Always willing to give of what you have, and thinking of those less fortunate than you.

You are a peacemaker.  Contention makes you uneasy and you always try to dissipate it as quickly as you can.

You love your family. I love to watch you playing with your baby sister, tying your brother’s shoes, and helping a younger sibling to pour milk.  You tell me every day that you love me and aren’t afraid to hold my hand in public.

You give the best hugs.  I’m not the only one who thinks this.  I’ve had a couple of people comment to me on the sincerity and tenderness of your hugs.

You have the best smile.  And it melts my heart.

You love to create.  Legos, writing, drawing, origami- anything that involves a creative process, you love it.

You are ingenious.  Your creations show it, from the escape hatches in your Lego spaceships, to the funny twists in the stories you write.

You are detail-oriented.  From the time you were a baby, you’ve paid attention to minute details that most people over look.

You are a good student.  You’ve always done well in school and good grades come effortlessly.

You are athletic.  You’ve discovered soccer this year and I’ve been amazed at the ease with which you’ve picked it up.  You are one of the fastest in your class, and even won third place in a multi-school track meet this spring.  It’s hard to believe you were ever that little baby that was born with a club foot.

You are a hard worker and have wonderful resilience and strength when you put your mind to it.

You have a strong sense of right and wrong.  The world is black and white to you, but you are able to love people even if they don’t believe the same way you do.  How I adore this about you.

Obedience comes easily to you.  You rarely protest when I ask you to help out or fulfill one of your daily tasks.  This makes my job so much easier as a mother and I love the example you set for your siblings in this.

I count each day with you as a blessing.  As I created your birthday picture this year, I wanted it to reflect a young boy looking back.  Art work is meant to be interpreted by the viewer, but for me, you were looking back on your childhood as you navigate towards manhood.
Sometimes when I look at you, I still see that baby that first taught me what it meant to be a mother, and who continually teaches me to do so.  I love you my little man.

Love, Mom

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Percy W Hawkes said...

Rita: What a wonderful description of Camden and the amazingly beautiful art work of him in his early journey. Camden is a very dear to me. Love, Grandpa Billy